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Hi there,

First blog so let me start by introducing myself. I am Enzo Habets, 22 years old and I live in the most beautiful city in the world: Maastricht. This city is located in the southern part of the Netherlands.

I was born here 22 years ago and what every resident of Maastricht is taught from birth, is chauvinism. A real Maastricht citizen is proud of his/her city and I am certainly no exception.

Despite the love for my beautiful home town, I also love to travel and I love to discover new cities, nature reserves and countries. Often I do that with friends or family.

Besides traveling, I have another great passion, namely photography. 5 years ago I got my first DSLR camera and I started to develop more and more with it. 1.5 years ago I decided to create an instagram account, called Lenspecials, to share my best photos.

A few weeks ago I looked back in my film role at all the photos I took during various trips in Europe. Always like this, I immediately get a good feeling and I would prefer to immediately pack my suitcase again to leave for the airport. Unfortunately, we are still in the corona pandemic and traveling is not an option for the time being.

Nevertheless, I have been able to make many beautiful memories in recent years and have gained a lot of knowledge about various destinations. That knowledge combined with my photos gave me the following idea: I MUST START A BLOG !!

It would be a shame not to share all these photos and information that I have gained with everyone. I also really enjoy reading experiences from other people and hearing tips before I travel to a certain destination.

So, can you no longer wait to go on a trip and would you like to find out which trips I have already made (+ Tips & Tops)? Then keep an eye on this blog or follow me on instagram. I will post a lot of nice stories here.

Safe Travels,


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