5 Best things to see during a day in Milan!

When we talk about one of the most important fashion cities in the north of Italy, we are of course talking about Milan.

Many people who go on holiday in the north of Italy to, for example, Lake Garda or Lake Como, often also go out for a day to explore Milan. Are you curious about what there is to do on a day trip to Milan? Then read on quickly because below I have described 5 things to get a good impression of Milan within 24 hours.

When people go to Milan by public transport (train or bus), they often arrive at the Central station (Milano Centrale).

This is also the first attraction on the list. The central station has a beautiful entrance hall and departure hall that are definitely worth a look. The station is located on the edge of the center, so unfortunately not in a short distance from the other major sights. Milan has a metro system and trams driving around. These make accessibility to the center from the central station a lot easier.

For people who still want to walk to the center, it is about a 40 minute walk.

If you choose to walk towards the center through the main street: Via Vittor Pisani, you will immediately pass the 2nd point on the list. This is the part of Milan where you van find the high skyscrapers. This modern part is located in the Varesine district. For modern architecture enthusiasts, this is certainly a nice place to visit. From here there is also a good view of the two famous skyscrapers called Bosco Verticale.

From here, half an hour of walking towards the center, you arrive in the Montenapoleone district. This is also where the 3rd part of the list is located, namely Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. This is a passage from the 19th century where several exclusive shops can be found. The structure is very impressive and creates a connection between the Piazza della Scala and Piazza del Duomo.

This brings us straight to the 4th and probably the most important point: the cathedral and Piazza del Duomo. Milan’s cathedral is actually called Duomo Santa Maria Nascente and is one of the largest Roman Catholic cathedrals in the world. This masterpiece of Gothic art is a must see when visiting Milan. To visit the inside of the cathedral, tickets must of course be bought. These also offer the option to enter the roof where you can admire a magnificent view over the city of Milan. 

Buy your tickers here.

On the square are countless pigeons that can be easily attracted with a little bit of food. not everyone’s favorite animals but they do provide creative pictures

Via Orefici, a major shopping street, connects Piazza del Duomo with the last landmark. This is the castle of Milan (Castello Sforzesco). This castle now houses several museums, where works by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci can be admired. Adjacent to this castle is also a large city park. Perfect for shade during a hot summer day.

EXTRA: Near the cathedral you can find the Apple Piazza. This modern building has been incorporated into this old town in a special way and is nice to add to the list as an extra spot.

Of course there are many other sights to be found in Milan, but for a day trip these 5 (or 6) already provide you with a good idea of the city.

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